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All Things Bat Fuck This article pertains to things which are Bat Fuck
and contains possible Adult Content. People with mental illness or Brain Lock may want to avoid reading this. Others are cautioned that reading this article may cause mental illness or brain lesions.

Dead monkey reserves are dangerously low when flashing.

Be kind to bats.

“To understand recursion, you must understand recursion.”

~ David Hunter

Bat Fuck Bat Fuck... is the international notation for bat fuck recursion. Because bat fuck is made of bat fuck matter, it has properties and attributes not found in the natural world.[1] Unlike baryonic matter, bat fuck matter is unaffected by the strong and weak forces. Electromagnetism interacts with it similarly to the way gravity does with baryonic and dark matter; it manifests as an attractive force. Bat fuck matter is known to exist only in gravitational wells.

Curse and recurse[edit]

Since cursing is bat fuck, it follows that recursing is also bat fuck. With the use of any looping function comes the risk that simply cursing will not be adequate, and recursing is required to conform to spec. When recursion occurs due to an industrial accident, careless programing habits or the worst, intentionally initiating recursion, very bad things can happen. The Spanish Inquisition, the Hindenburg crash, Zippy the Pinhead all happened because some devious, demented code jockey had an itch only evil could soothe.

After the initial bat fuck (it could be Croatian rugby fanatics trying to kill one another by swinging live storks by the legs, or an Adult Swim cartoon, or giving the Queen's guard pineapple 🍍 jello enemas every second Thursday of the month), an intentional bend to the left can precipitate a self-replicating bat fuck, each replication spawning triumvirates of fractal bat fuck pseudomolecules. These instantiate loops of bat fuck energy, which speeds like the Great Attractor towards gravity wells, attaching themselves to human neurological activity like L. Ron Hubbards body thetans, only real.

The Problem Of Recursed Bat Fuck And Evil[edit]

Theologians and chemical engineers ponder 🤔 how Satan infiltrated the 9 dimensional crux of 🦇 fuck 🦇 fuck... clicking on the first 🦇 illustrates this point... and so the third 🦇 instantiated to reference the first. Some feel that Hellmo was ordered by Space Satan to impart its miasmic essence into the fabric of bat fuck space time, but these people think Hellmo is Finnish. Others hypothesize that anime is a direct portal into Hell, and a disciplined student of the dark arts 🎭 could generate a tantrum tsunami from Cranky Pants Satan, imparting recursion by virtue of heavy metal.

None of this is important. None of this matters.

Calumnies (Lotion?)[edit]

  1. By natural world, we mean the way things are in the minds of most people most of the time.