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The years 1936-1971 were the most peaceful in all Tradon history. The Tradonians, a humble race of cracked CDs released by the now forgotten pop sensation Boys And Strap-Ons, spent these years of peace striving for immortality. However, upon the Tradonians discovery of the Earth-bound martial arts masterpiece, their entire system collapsed into civil war. Opinions differ on why we care about this.

The Resulting Mess and Why Small Soldiers Was An Excellent Film[edit]

1971 to the present has been marked by periodic eruptions of violence from Tradon (which is located deep inside Pepsi's anus). The writer/director and lead in the film Small Soldiers, Batman, said the following: "My influences have largely been the conflict in Tradon and Paris Hilton's new sex video." Thunderous applause was expected but did not result, in turn, the Caped Crusader beat down every person in Serbia, using only cardboard pizza boxes and dead highlighters.


Today, Tradon is famous for it's small wooden dolls and consumer electronics, and as a result, it's economy appears to be on the mend. Recently, Angelina Jolie adopted a Tradonian on the cover of Star Magazine.


The Tradonians were the first race in the universe to invent shitty vocal techno. The Tradonians are singlehandedly responsible for the commercial success of The Notebook. Many speculate Ryan Gosslejossleposslefossil is actually a Tradonian in disguise (see Men In Black or Michael Jackson).