People's Republic of Atlantis

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“We didn't sink you fucking bigots, we just submerged.”

~ Atlantean President Barnacle Boy on sinking

Atlantis is an island nation, formerly a colony of Great Britain. It is a constitutional monarchy.

Located in the Davindian Sea, Atlantis has little industry except tourism. Fortunately, Atlantis has lovely beaches, and friendly, green-hued people. This makes Atlantis a very attractive tourist destination.

For many years, rumors persisted that Atlantis had "sunk into the sea"; however, in the 1970's, scientists confirmed that Atlantis had not sunk, but had merely become a bit depressed.

The internet protocol society has designated the ending ".at" for all atlantean websites.

[dolphin chitter]

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(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: We didn't sink!
Anthem: O, Atlantis
Capital Pacific City
Largest city Atlantic City
Official languages Dolphin, Jellyfish
Government A republic of the people
Prime Minister Adolphus Swimson
National Hero(es) The guy who re-discovered it
Currency Sand Dollar
Religion Atlantian
Population 1000 fish and some people
Area Atlantic Ocean
Population density 1.5 gm/cm3
Ethnic groups Dolphins, Jellyfish, Merpeople
Major exports Sand
Major imports Oxygen
National animal Dolphin
Favourite pastime Existing
Opening hours Under da sea
Internet tld .at
Calling code 1-800-WEEXIST