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“I bet Stace just wanted to punch that Lance right in the face! BAHAHAHAHA!”

~ BASR shipper on stuff that probably isn't BASR

“...and so I lanced that Lance right in the face! BAHAHAHAHA! Your majesty.”

~ Stacy, pretending to be a knight, on stuff that definitely isn't BASR
The overall imagination magic of this article may be enhanced if you watch cartoons imported from Canada. Eh?

BASR is a somewhat well-knownsted couple supported by an unsettling amount of viewers of South Australia. Being an acronym, it should be able to legitimately stand for something, but I myself refuse to state this, as, for one, I enjoy the pronunciation of the word as 'basser', and also, the couple in context is pretty much equivalent to dating your best friend, which is something I would not like to contemplate due to past events weirdness.


Whenever I go and visit South Australia on that fanfiction website, pretty much all of it comprises of this stuff. It's not just a few, it's nearly all of it. Why?

And, wait, what am I saying? I don't even read fanfiction from South Australia that much.

...I don't even read fanfiction in general that much either.

In the context of shows outside of South Australia[edit]

  • Daniel Fenton: I think I like her. And it looks like she might like me back, like. We're best friends. Why?
  • Super Nothingwood: Let's do detective stuff together, and please, remain out-of-character just for a minute and don't be so snarky all the time. Why?
  • The old version, not the new one with the live action and no actual characters: Meanwhile, at the MASR office...
  • The famous inventaaaaaaaarar: It's okay, we're in a caravan, and I'm probably about ten years old. Why?
  • Shows involving miniature fruit ladies, ponies, or Teen Girl Squad: WE'RE ALL GIRLSIES LOL
  • Jay: I'm dating, even though I'm androgynous. Is this somewhat gay? Also, why?
  • Rainbow Monkeys: Seems everyone's friends with everyone here. Should we? Okay, maybe.

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