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“To the batfish, Robin. Diddle iddle iddle iddle errrr!”

Batfish are special kinds of fish, specifically those owned by Batman. They are filled with woody goodness including splinters, which are widely accepted to be good for the immune system. They can be found in the frozen foods section of the supermarket, but only Batman's, which pretty much restricts the product to Downtown Local Mart, Gotham City.

Batfish is also the name Batman gives to his pet goldfish. It is thought that due to overfeeding and his constant need for Omega 3 hits (by which I mean he eats them), Batman is already up to Batfish the nine hundred and second. He stole the naming convention from The Simpsons, whose makers kindly allowed him to sit and watch an episode to take notes on how to live his life. As a result, Batman has now developed a strange epiglottal sound which he utters when strangling victims, a bit like the noise Bart Simpson or the Genome Soldiers make in Metal Gear Solid when they are being throttled.

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