Battle with Famine

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Famine does a jig, dealing a lot of damage to the party.

Famine is a nearly impossible boss battle from the game Admin: Feel The Breeze. He is fought almost as much as Oscar Wilde, and steals the party's mojo during battle. His jigs do a lot of damage, as well as healing him, and at the first time you fight him (with Captain Fluffalizer, The Cheese Wizard, Hindleyite and some guy) you have to lose because he drains all of your mojo THEN kills you. he doesn't do this in later battles, making it not impossible to kill him, but no one ever has, because his moves mesmerize the viewer so that they drop the controller and their party dies. He's also good with a spork. He murdered a portion of the Subbuteoan army during the game with it. He also likes Cheesy chocolate bars.

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