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Admin: Feel The Breeze is a chapter-based game for the Nuntendo DS. it follows a tale of the neutral Rebellion, Subbuteo and Super Japan all banding together to fight The Monolith. The game starts with the Captain, Subbuteo's representation, MF, and David, Super Japan's representation. they are all suddenly attacked by Oscar Wilde when the game starts. You're going to get used to fighting him, you fight him 8 times in the game, and 3 of those times you have to lose - otherwise it turns him on.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

The game starts with the party fighting Oscar Wilde. this is unfortunate, as you can win or lose, it won't matter. If you get him to half HP, the Captain will order you to retreat. In any case, he deals enough damage to kill David in one hit, because he's a mage, and we all know how quickly they die. For the sake of completion, the party loses at this point. Suddenly, Hindleyite comes through singing the Illogia Anthem, and Oscar Wilde runs away like a little girl. Hindleyite joins the party at this point.

The party leaves the Admin's Hut in search of Cheesetown. Playing as Fluffalizer at this point, you can give gifts to David but at this point he won't take them and it'll lower his trust, with the line from that one movie, "What are you trying to do, bribe me?" not so for the other two, however. In any case, Hindleyite's mad cheese throwing skills gets the party to cheesetown.

At this point, the party splits up; Hindleyite leaves and MrMetalFLower, not wanting to be with the "Super Japanese scum," leaves with him. David's loyalty and anger at MF's insult causes him to stay with Fluffalizer. Suddenly, they are attacked by Oscar Wilde once again. You have to beat him this time. Once you defeat him, he'll summon his familiar, Sophia; she's impossibly easy to defeat. She just sits there while you pound on her. After the battle, Oscar Wilde will retreat and instead the Disco Lord Famine will attack. He does a jig and defeats the party easily, and runs off like a sissy, as well.

Switching to Hindleyite's party, Hindleyite, in the first battle as a duet, chucks MrMetalFLower at his enemies for a surprisingly effective blow. They go through the forests of Cheesetown where everything is cheesy, and they end up at the headquarters of the Uncyclopedians..

Disc 2.3[edit | edit source]

They are attacked by High Lord Famine and his pokemon troops, but hold him off for about, oh, 8 seconds.. when suddenly, some guy tells them to get out of the way and shows Famine up. Impressed, they request Silent Penguin joins them, but he declines and flees the scene, leaving them alone, whilst they find the other two come after them. David, thinking they murdered a Famine clone, whom is also a lord of Subbuteo, arrests MrMetalFLower and Hindleyite.

The one who breaks them out turns out to be, once again, Silent Penguin. He flees afterwards, but MrMetalFLower manages to escape on his own, leaving Hindleyite behind. Hindleyite swears revenge and turns Super Saiyan permanently. His hair grows 20 feet longer. Suddenly, Oscar Wilde in all his witty charm comes out belting random quotes. Hindleyite fights him on his own and does a suprisingly good job. Oscar Wilde turns out to have had too much, and turns into Ultimate Oscar Wilde, proving to be too much for Hindleyite.

Switching to David's party, the two head down the road towards OMGTown, but are unceremoniously attacked by MrMetalFLower. You can win or lose, but the odds are slightly tipped in the duo's favor due to the equal strength with higher numbers. For the sake of completion, they win the battle. Either way, MrMetalFLower grabs a trip to Subbuteo afterwards. The two make it to Cheesetown safely.

As MrMetalFLower, the party encounters Silent Penguin again, but this time he says he'd like to go back on his comment, and he joins the party, to balance out the odds. MrMetalFLower confides in Silent Penguin about Hindleyite. After MrMetalFLower leaves to go have an Ol' ale, Silent Penguin knows he heard that name before.

Switching to Hindleyite's party, he manages to escape alone. Fading into subconsciousness, he wakes up in the back of a semi truck heading through the countryside of the rebel continent, Illogicainen. The party is now seperated by continent, leaving the heroes no place to go. Will the game be continued?

End of Game... Until The Sequel. Man, you got cheated out of $20!

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