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The Common Clown - nature's cruellest mistake..

The Common Clown is the most frequently seen Clown species in the world and is the third most numerous Clown species known to exist, the Common Clown is also the one Clown species known that seeks to coexist with humanity - though their attempts are disasterous at best.


Common Clowns take the appearance of vaguely humanoid creatures with pale skin, bizarre facial patterns and strange clothing - they engage in ritualistic abuse of themselves and others yet are not as creepy as the Creepy Clown (thank goodness).

Common Clowns also have detachable red noses that act as flashlights (and you thought Rudolph was weird) - Common Clowns also have extremely large feet that were probably meant to look comical but just come off as being completely deformed.


Common Clowns inhabit the Cheerful Carnival, which is like a regular carnival or circus only constantly cheerful to the point most sane people would be driven insane - Common Clowns also have a tendency to try and coexist with humans via attending parties, invading funhouses and camping out at theme parks.

Related Clown Species[edit]

Common Clowns are the ancestors of all other Clown species and have links with all of them, however they probably share more in common with the McClowns than the other Clown species.

Relationship With Humans[edit]

Common Clowns have a love-hate relationship with humans, simply put they love us and we hate them - yet it is universally accepted that even a Common Clown is better than a Mime (though its really like comparing a colony of fireants to a plague-ridden rodent).

Natural Predators[edit]

The Common Clown is hunted by the Common Mime, which is considered the Common Clowns natural predator in the wild.

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