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“Can't Sleep, Clown'll Eat Me”

~ Bart Simpson on Scary Clowns

a rare photo of a Scary Clown in its natural habitat

Scary Clowns are the most common of all Clown species known to exist and are also the ones generally accepted as being the most scary - which is pretty darn scary: the only Clown species known to be scarier than Scary Clowns is their (thankfully) extinct ancestor the Super Scary Clowns.


Scary Clowns are like the Common Clown only scarier - much much scarier, in fact the Scary Clown is so scary that Creepy Clowns consider them disturbing.

Scary Clowns are sometimes mistaken for Creepy Clowns by people who are extremely stupid but for the most part even a balding chimp could see the difference between the two as there is an obvious difference between being creepy and being scary.


Scary Clowns inhabit the Carnival Of Doom, which is similiar to the Creepy Carnival but once again only a drooling idiot would confuse the two - some Scary Clowns also try to smuggle themselves into the fast-food industry in order to reside in run-down burger joints but most of these Scary Clowns are quickly dealt with by the slightly more aggressive McClowns.

Related Clown Species[edit]

Scary Clowns are related to several clown species, sadly two of their closest relations have become extinct - the Super Scary Clown was the closest relation to Scary Clowns and died out in 1809 while the Killer Clowns were the second closest relation and managed to survive up until 1985 at which point they succumbed to the invasion McClowns.

The closest living relation to Scary Clowns today are the Creepy Clowns but as any sane person knows there is a major difference between being creepy and being scary so the link is somewhat distant.

Relationship With Humans[edit]

Scary Clowns generally scare the living bejesus out of most humans and while not as aggressive as the McClowns they are definitely the most feared - most humans will instinctively run at the sight of a Scary Clown, this puts Scary Clowns at odds with the Common Clown as the Common Clown tries to coexist with humanity - normally with disasterous results.

Natural Predators[edit]

Like all Clown species Scary Clowns are in danger from Mimes, the natural predator of all Clowns - just as Clowns have various species so do Mimes and the Scary Clown is known to be the favored target of the Enemy Mime.

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