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Creepy Clown is creepy

Creepy Clowns are the second most numerous Clown species currently in existence, with the Scary Clown being the only living Clown species to surpass them in number. Creepy Clowns are creepy, there is no other way to describe them.. their just plain creepy..


Creepy Clowns resemble Scary Clowns only instead of being scary they are creepy - everyone knows that there is a great difference between being scary and being creepy. Of course some exceptionally stupid people confuse Creepy Clowns with Scary Clowns despite this and thus an official Q&A style quiz has been created:

  • Question 1: "is the clown you see scary?"
    • Answer 1: "Yes" (response: "Scary Clown")
    • Answer 2: "No" (see Question 2)
  • Question 2: "is the clown you see creepy?"
    • Answer 1: "Yes" (response: "Creepy Clown")
    • Answer 2: "No" (see Question 1)


Creepy Clowns inhabit the Creepy Carnival, which is like the Cheery Carnival only instead of cheer you just get creeped the heck out (not to be confused with the Carnival Of Doom).

Related Clown Species[edit]

The Creepy Clown is related to the Scary Clown but due to the fact there is a large difference between being scary and being creepy the two Clown species are seen as being rather distant.

Relationship With Humans[edit]

Creepy Clowns are generally harmless towards humans but creep us the heck out, Creepy Clowns simply can not exist without creeping out nearby humans.

Natural Predators[edit]

Creepy Clowns are hunted by very few predators in the wild due to the fact they are so darn creepy - however a notable exception is the Invisible Mime, which acts as the main predator of Creepy Clowns in their natural habitat.

See Also[edit]

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