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Saturday is the day of the week between here and insanity. It was either the day after the day when stuff happened, or it is the day before the day in which the stuff happened. Maybe both, if you belive in free will. It could be that saturday eyes you up. If so call the saturday police. Jews and Christians belive that saturday was created by Jewstain master, the evil overlord.

Things happen on a saturday.

The name[edit | edit source]

The name got invented by some guy on drugs while balancing on a huge rock floating in mid air. God bless his soul. Then the Sabbath turned black and ate earths inner pastry.

Position in the week[edit | edit source]

It hates sitting next to friday beacuse its always drunk and it yells at everyone and he doesnt particularly like being next to sunday beacuse it is always contemplating suicide.

What happeneds on s-s-saturdays[edit | edit source]

  • Australia has its celebration of burning natives this saturday. Joy.
  • You spose to pour a cup of wine into your bread hole every saturday to please some "god"
  • Shit happens on a saturday.
  • You also spose to yell very loudly on a saturday without stopping for a breather untill you collapse.
  • SATURDAY, SATURDAY, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA SATURDAY, SATURDAY - Hindi pop music (yes that's my musical taste right there)
  • Although, sometimes, well just sometimes, đŸŽ”Everybody loves Saturday night!đŸŽ¶ but that’s just the nights, k?

Ahhh, saturday[edit | edit source]

Scary, eh? Yep. Many people feel that saturday is the flying spag.

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