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Drew the Blind was the very first king of Scotland to agree to being cloned by mad chimpanzees from distant Geneva. What a bold mistake that was. Before he knew it there were thousands of Drew the Blinds everywhere, and no one knew which way was up anymore.

To make matters worse, the chimpanzees had just taken their bananas, stored them in an offshore coconut tree, and gotten the hell outta there!

Hilarity ensues as nighttime falls[edit]

Mrs. Drew the Blind is lookin' for some lovin', but cannot find her real husband! Thousands of Drew the Blinds come rushing towards her at nighttime at once! Hilarity ensues (as previously explained).

Hilarity ensues as the new day dawns[edit]

Time to go to work, but uh oh! The royal bus cannot fit so many Drew the Blind clones, and when they all arrive at the workplace, you should have seen the secretary's face! Hilarity had indeed ensued.

Hilarity ensues as awkward business situations are made[edit]

It's time for Drew to make his monthly earnings presentation to Mr. Schmidt, but little does Mr. Schmidt know that he's been cloned thousands of times! Hilarity ensues as the company is forced to declare bankruptcy.

Hilarity ensues as lunchtime approaches[edit]

What a weird day at work! Time to take time to go to lunch... uh oh! Drew's old lunchtime haunt doesn't have enough food in the kitchen to satisfy all the multitudes of tuna melts that have been ordered! Looks like several Drews are forced to eat each other. Hilarity ensues for the survivors.

Hilarity ensues as someone takes out a shotgun[edit]

Who knows if the only one left alive was the real Drew the Blind, but who the hell cares.

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