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This is a page about the Raggle Fraggle King (real name 'Elvis'). Here it is.

Begginings[edit | edit source]

The Raggle Fraggle King was spawned from some cheese popcorn, a box of toothpicks, chicken wings, and some noodles. His creator, Him , named him Bing Golem. Bing asumed the name Raggle Fraggle King and escaped His' palace. He went into hiding hiding in a a CD case.

Teenage Years[edit | edit source]

He went to school at Fum Diddely Dum School. He invented a new language called Bingledah. When he graduated he drop kicked the guy in the head and ran. At the time he was under the name of Dave McCheese who was a real guy and was unjusly arrested. The Raggle Fraggle King was devastated by all this sense! Nothing made no sense!!!!! He then created The International Society Of Nonsense.

New Beginings[edit | edit source]

While digging in a sandbox he discovered a community of idiots. They called themselves Illogicopedia. They were his kind of people. He then joined them and here he is now.

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