Ferris wheel of doom

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Just look at it, looming ominously in the distance...
  To be undoubtedly oopsied up with HowTo:Overcome your fear of rollercoasters.  

“Well, I gotta tell you the honest truth here, I ain't gonna lie to you, and I promise I won't beat about the bumbleberry apple tree bush either, but to be entirely frank and sincere, without downplaying or dismissing a word, and without becoming so objective as to be blunt or outright historical, that is one screwed-up ferris wheel.”

~ Possibly Applejack on Ferris wheels of doom

The Ferris wheel of doom has been known to pop up on several occasions in various locations, unfortunately renowned for its actually very rare tendencies to want to dislodge itself and roll on top of various buildings and innocent civilians. It has a mainly stable temperament otherwise, but can engage in rather doomy exercises such as going really fast, generating thrills and not centrifugal force.

It. Also. May. Cause. You. To. Punctuate. Every. Word. Of. Your. Next. Sentence. This! Is! SPARTA!

That! Really! Clashes!

I! Am! Weasel!

You! Are! A! Toy!

Hey, guess what? I stole this whole idea from TV Forms.


Doom box art.jpg

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Doom box art.jpg