Carnival Of Doom

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If you're stupid enough to want to go here you deserve what you get..

The Carnival Of Doom is one of the main Clown habitats in the world as is considered by most to be the second most terrifying place on Earth next to Disneyland (oh yes, we went there).

The Carnival Of Doom is a place of doom, gloom and the occassional mushroom - why did we inform you about the mushroom? because we felt like it that's why.

As for the Carnival Of Doom itself, what can we say? it is best described in one simple word:


Yes my friend the Carnival of Doom really is that bad, don't believe us? well we suppose you could argue the Mime Box is worse but we all known Mimes are far, far worse than Clowns so its not really a fair comparision now is it?

Why You Probably Wouldn't Want To Go To The Carnival Of Doom[edit | edit source]

It's a Carnival.. Of Doom.. Doom is generally a bad thing.. you know anything good that ends with "doom"? seriously? Are you mad? Well you're reading this article so we assume you must be mad but really now - even we have standards.

Nobody would WANT to go to a place that is scary as heck, unless they happened to be the Devil - are you the Devil? Or perhaps a witch? you know what we do to witches around these parts? That's right - we feed them to the ducks..

Witchcraft aside, you probably wouldn't want to go to the Carnival Of Doom because most of the rides suck, we're not just talking suck as in those stupid tea-cup rides (admit it, they suck) - no, we're talking serious levels of suck.

Plus the rides cost a fortune, which means not only does the Carnival Of Doom suck, but it also happily robs you blind - then again its probably your own fault for being stupid enough to pay money to enter a Carnival Of fricking Doom...

People You're Likely To Meet At The Carnival Of Doom[edit | edit source]

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