The Ice Cream of Doom

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Uh-huh. So I was walking one day and a giant Cat came up and... Well I dunno. I sorta wasn't sane at the time, ya see, and... Um... I'm not sure he even existed. ... Oh what? You wanna hear about da ice cream?! Okay. Here goes the story.

The beggining[edit | edit source]

Once, there was a sad, sad cone. An ice cream cone, to be specific. He had no ice, and no cream, and thus he was sad.

The exciting middle part![edit | edit source]

So that cone, he was in a bag, and a man took him and put ice cream in him. He was happy.

The horrid, violent, oh so tragic end[edit | edit source]

He got eaten. The end. You happy now?!

Whaa... My head is throbbing...[edit | edit source]

Ohhhh... And... Yes, he got the name doom from the ice cream headache his partner, mr. creamy, gave the poor, innocent bystander who ate him. AKA me, a few minutes ago.

Quack[edit | edit source]


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