Films that ought to be made, or maybe were made, at least the voices tell me it's so

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“...minute minutia”

~ Rev. Zim_ulatrix AKA psychomemere

House of Return of the Blood Son of Revenge in a Cabin For Daddy - (Hennkrie Widonk, Clavichior Mongerism) A remake of the second part of a remake of a 1962 thriller. A swelling on Harvey's calf erupts in a doctor's office, depositing an ectoplasmic goop onto the widow Jenkins' throat. Terror ensues, the power goes out, the National Guard can't be reached due to a particularly violent sunspot, demons from parallel universes (with a few perpendicular or more) running amok in the canyon, nukular missiles launched at an asteroid headed for Earth with a cargo of Gojira-like creatures and the Reverend Stroupe is out golfing the back nine, unreachable save for the current record holding marathon runner of the last 4 seasons being in town getting his parakeet buttered. (1959)

Faith means not wanting to know what is true. And you should totally believe a definition of faith provided by the guy who killed God. Or else!”

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