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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Panflautism, or Panflotsam? How about Pantheism, or Panfriedism? Or possibly even Pandaism?
Where do you want me to put this, lady?

The worship of all polynomial numbers is formally called Panpolynomialism. Most people know the members of this sect as bat fruit loonies with an agenda. The agenda is real, but the likelihood of completing the agenda is nil.

Polynomials have a long history of oppressing subject peoples under their rule. [1] In ancient times, Thracian horsemen swept down upon the plains of eastern Europe from fortresses deep in the kneehills of present-day Poland.

During a "Sow the wind, Reap the whirlwind" sale at Macys last week, expressions and equations made themselves obvious to those in attendance with the aptitude for mockery and shenanigans. Thus spake Zoroaster.

  1. Slide-rules, mostly

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