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“Coconut trees are running out of ink!”

~ Unrelated Quote Guy on Fonchopedia

Fonchopedia is a land where ducks and platypuses run free. There are beautiful gardens and a clear sunny sky. The natives run nude throughout the lands. On the trees in Fonchopedia there are lolly pops and pretty marzipans. The death rate is 78,654,432,333,555,511,976, people die per.... minute. The popultaion, however, is 6. There are insane locusts who eat The inhabitants the ......dictionaries?

How to get to Fonchopedia[edit | edit source]

The first dead buffalo you see has a gun next to it, but his lung has a trap-door leading to Shreveport. This is not the correct buffalo. Continue till you see one with no gun next to it.

Go To Santa Fe. Find a purple, green, yellow, light purple, and red house on Griffin Street. There's an airport there, next to it. Fly down to Sri Lanka and go to main street. Take the first left and turn right at the second stop sign. After ....I'd say about three minutes, take the right down Fonchy Lane. You will see a pink house. Keep going.... and you'll see a gaping whole about 20 feet wide. Jump in........wait about 3 days..... and youll find yourself in a beautiful land. This isn't Fonchopedia. Keep going about six miles to the left after you fall... and you will see a dead buffalo. Climb into its mouth. Go down the wind pipe.... until you see a door on your left. Go through the door. You will now find yourself in the right lung. You will see a trap door. Open it and go down. You will find yourself in Santa Fe. Go Down your second right. You will find a road called Griffin Street. Go down until you see a purple, green, yellow, light purple, and red house next to an airport. Go in the multi colored house and you'll see a ladder right next to the door. This leads you to the attic. And the attic... just happens to be Fonchopedia.