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yes indeedy, i'm doing this too. i want some suggestions 'cause i want more stuff to listen to. also, i listen to pretty much anything - just no metal/screamo/rock/etc.


since i've already said what i want (literally anything basically), red means "already heard it but i'll rate it anyway", blue is "haven't heard it before therefore i will do so and rate it". kinda like 2+2's. also, when you make a list, put your username so i know who's who. aiight, i need suggestions.

I guess I can give different suggestions than I did for 2+2, here's my list:
All of Muse's albums (I guess if you don't like the heavier stuff, then you can stay away)
Chiaroscuro by Ocean Alley.
Nothing But The Beat by David Guetta.
Views, More Life, and Scorpion by Drake.
Culture II by Migos.
LSD's self-titled album.
Fade Out Lines (single) by The Avener.
My Love (single) by Route 94.
The Supreme Leader XY --- sacrifices and capitalism 08:31, 23 Arply 2019 (UTC)
Just a couple more:
Come Along by Cosmo Sheldrake
Inside Out by Eve 6
Kow Tow to Mao (talk) 18:15, 23 Arply 2019 (UTC)
I've got some. They're electronic and jazz/jazz-fusion:
"Night Sky" by Chvrches
"Overtime" by Knower
"Amphibian" by Kronodigger
"Anthesis" by Cadillac Jones
CG098 (talk ₪‎ contribs) 20:40, 23 Aym 2019 (UTC)

"just no metal/screamo/rock/etc."[edit]

I understand for screamo (it's horrible) and metal (it can be too extreme for people), but for rock? That's pretty broad. Are there specific rock subgenres you don't like before I make any recommendations that happen to have mildly distorted guitars? 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 16:00, 23 Arply 2019 (UTC)

yeah, i feel like i should've clarified better. saying "no rock whatsoever" takes out a lot of subgenres. i'm fine with most subgenres, though. (and if classic rock counts as a subgenre, then i'll listen to that too, definitely.) any rock songs are ok is what i'm saying. ♡80gallonsofgasriver talk♡ 17:04, 23 Arply 2019 (UTC)

Well, in that case...[edit]

Memorabilia by Human Tetris - Wonderful and danceable electronic post-punk from Russia.
Siren EP by Natty Reeves - Soothing, intimate acoustic singer-songwriter material. Best for relaxing alone.
Vihne by Jens Pauly - Minimal and reflective ambient music
solitude. by jinsang - Lo-fi hip-hop beats interspersed with nostalgia-inducing samples (though not as generic as you think).
The View From This Tower by Faraquet - 2000s-era math-rock in all its semi-jangly, polyrhythmic glory.
Kulør 001 by Kulør - A compilation of cold, pulsing, mystifying techno (yes, actual techno, not the stuff polluting American airwaves these days) from Scandinavia.
Hazel English - Audiotree Live by Hazel English - A beautiful, dreamy, live indie pop performance.
Through the Nightfall Grandeur by Dahlia's Tear - Immersive and cinematic dark ambient music.
Raytracing by Monobody - These guys are really hard to define, but I would describe them as a lively and beautiful mix of progressive rock, jazz, Midwestern emo/indie rock, funk, and djent (a very creative, polyrhythmic, and light subgenre of heavy metal that doesn't involve the face-melting brutality that most people associate with the genre overall).
Green by Robohands - Soothing jazz music with strong hip-hop influences fit for an intimate evening.

Out of 1,968 items, these are the only 10 items that both fit within your criteria and are approachable enough to be listened to by a stranger on the internet. No, I don't listen to screamo, I just happen to be a metalhead. Enjoy! 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 03:14, 24 Arply 2019 (UTC)

I think you can tell where people stand on this. As for these albums, first I will have to locate them before they go into the Big Brrother 2019 (nonexistent) dwelling. The Supreme Leader XY --- sacrifices and capitalism 06:27, 24 Arply 2019 (UTC)


finally getting around to doing this because (lame excuse/s), plus i'm doing this before ipads get taken (long explanation; yey mackbooks) and sadly bandcamp is blocked, but i can get it on the eternal jukebox (@2+2).
idk how i'll do the ratings but i'll try

danger is my bread and death is my butter[edit]

bandcamp is blocked!? i have total access to it on my regular school wifi with a chromebook, but i guess your school's network is stricter than mine. if youtube isn't blocked for you (which i doubt), you might be able to find most of these albums there. otherwise. you might have to listen to these at home or on some music streaming service like spotify or apple music. 20:53, 7 Aym 2019 (UTC)

@204 - sadly yes. but youtube isnt blocked, the school unblocked it last year*. (well they blocked coolmath games so--) I may be able to use the [Eternal Jukebox] for some. i know i'll find a way to get music though. (*and yes, youtube is unblocked, but it's mostly restricted so...) (i like how you understood my italian too, lol)

UPDATE: hey! i'm back (again) i havent been too active here, mostly because Wikipedia is dying and vandulls are absolute bums (bc when r they not? no offense to y'all) so i've been hyperactive there reverting sandalism. i feel really bad for ignoring ?pedia, but i promise i'll try to be active on here as well as wikipedia. ✩80gallonsofgasriver talkcontribs✩ 14:13, 13 Aym 2019 (UTC) edit: [SK userpage, i have a vandullizm meter there]

UPDATE (again): sorry for the inactivity on ?pedia. excuses or not, i've been busy irl and haven't been around to be hyperactive here. The Eternal Jukebox finally got blocked by my school, soooo.... I don't know how i'll rate all this stuff. and i have literally NO way/s of getting music anymore n my options are extremely limited if i did choose to rate y'all's suggestions now. i have no usable VPN either. i'm not in a very good position tech-wise, and i may have to be very inactive sometimes in the future. but i never said i'm LEAVING ?pedia. i'm not letting myself have that option. i always find a way for things, this is no exception. I'll be able to edit in the future, although i'll be AFK sometimes or most of the time. In the meantime.... Maybe check out my article?