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So, now that petaQ'a'pedia has a logo, I would like it if you would change the common CSS so it is fixed upon the tlh: namespace. It's easy to do; in fact, I'll do it for you.

/* petaQ'a'pedia logo */
body.ns-150 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/1/11/PetaQ'a'pedia.png) !important; }
body.ns-151 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/1/11/PetaQ'a'pedia.png) !important; }

~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the HedgehogThe Happy infodiscussioncontributionsWTFacronyms?! tlhPoodleC.A.T.G.W.CheesesSnakesRedirectUnMDHT:G.Y.F.T.G.T.F.A.F.Y. 05:13, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

that css is malformed, the apostrophes will not be interpreted correctly, please test the css beforehand. When I tested it in the dev tools, it did not work, so I'd be surprised if it would work straight off regardless.--Silent Penguin 17:25, 21 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

New CSS-- I tested it on this page and it worked. Okay, so here it is:

/* petaQ'a'pedia logo */
body.ns-150 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/thumb/8/89/Free_bloodwine.png/120px-Free_bloodwine.png) !important; }
body.ns-151 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/thumb/8/89/Free_bloodwine.png/120px-Free_bloodwine.png) !important; }

~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the Hedgehog aka Kahless the UnforgettableThe Happy infodiscussioncontributions 20:27, 07/22/2011