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How to avoid hacking[edit]

Passwords that are NOT good[edit]

Make a good password.

  • Password (How easy is that?
  • 12345 (even the Sesame Street kids don't use that anymore.
  • Whatever your name is (most likely the worst)
  • Something you say a lot.
  • Justin Bieber (That is never good for anything)
  • Justin Bieber
  • Did I say Justin Bieber before?

How to be dumb and not avoid it[edit]

Here are the 2 worst ways.

1. Reveal your password to others[edit]

This is an example:

Kiki: I am psychic. I predict you will have your account hacked.
Bobby: No way! You call yourself a "psychic"? You'll never get my password!!
Kiki: Yes I will.
Bobby: How? There's no way.
Kiki: Well it's very easy to hack if you make your password "Bobby"...
Bobby: Haha! Why would I make my password "Bobby"? That's dumb! My password is "chocolate"!
Kiki: Epic Fail! You revealed your password! Bwahahaha!

2. Erase this article and replace it with all account details[edit]

Hey, not only will you be hacked, Illogicopedia can boot you off.

How much time you have until somebody hacks your account.[edit]

Not enough.