Surprise Day

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“But don't you know what today is?”

~ Surprise Bear on Surprise Day

Surprise Day is an annual tradition that occurs - how am I even supposed to know when it happens? That's a surprise. All I can let you know is that last year, apparently, it was on a Tuesday. The celebrations and festivities on this day have a tendency to cause coffee jitters among people such as Harmony.


Celebrations have been known to involve

  • Filling a book with butterflies without crushing them, and then letting the butterflies frighten your girlfriend
  • Jumping out of bushes and trees and frightening randoms
  • Disguising as bushes and trees and frightening randoms
  • Making siren noises to frighten the DJ
  • Building a frighteningly accurate robotic replica of yourself
  • Pretending to lose consciousness and frightening the mechanic
  • Using frightening supernatural abilities to emerge from the fountain
  • Giving your friend a rather frightening possessed tulip
  • Putting the tyres back

This is getting kinda weird.

You said it, brother


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