I am so high right now

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Like… Woah! Everything's like, moving… Is the earth like moving, is it's moving to where the sun is. Dude, the sun is like… so close right now, everything feels like it's getting hotter. I should like… take my clothes off. Woah, the cool air flowing through my body it's like uuuhhhhhhhh… good. I like that the god of the ocean is blessing me with cool air. She is… way hot. Man… I am so stoned right now. Ha! I don't knnooow where to go. I'm seeeing like millions of colors, all… phy-esca-eedl-icc dude. Woah, it feels like I'm floating in air, Woah. I'm flying, I'm actually flying… Woah, the sky is like saying the same… Man? Where am I flying, where am I going.... I just don't know ma-en. I'm soooooo hhhiiighhh.

Man… Look at the Colors[edit]

Sooooo Vibrrrant…

They're like… Vibarant and colorful, I can actually feel them in my mind. All of the reeeezzz, all of the greeezzzz, the colors. They're moving… My eeilids are so, heavy, yet so light. I feel like I waaan't to close my eyelids yet. I have to keep them open… HaHa! I can't decide man... I'm sooooo stonned, I can't even walk properly… It feels like the floor itself, isss maade of wwattter and sssaaaaannnnddd. It's like I'm moving sllloooowwwllly. Yyyeeeeaaaahhh, Oh yeahhhhh. The colors, they're so vibrant, I almost want to touch them myself. Ohhhh yeahhh, they feel nice. They feeel gooooood *aaahhh*, oh yeah, I can feel it, I can soooo feal it HaHaHaHaHa! Man, they feel good, soo freaking good man. Good like seeexxxxx!

I'm hungry[edit]

Those all loook goooooodddd…

Man do I feel hungry right now. My stomach keeeps growling out for "foooood" "foooood" every time. So what should I get, Dorrito's or Pringles? Man... I should get both right nooow. I... I want to eat this entire market… If… there was a way, aaaaahhhhhh… Prrriiinnggllles, Dooorrriiitoos. I must…. get both man, but…. I'm still so hungry. I wonder if I can eat alot a snacks at once. But mmmmaaaaannnn am I so hungry. I... I... I gotta eat something, because I'mmmm hungry…. I should like take it all. And eeeaaatt it all at once… That would be soooooo awwweeeesoommme!!!! Eating stuff all at once, I can actually feel my tummmy wanting food. It says "fffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddd mmmmmeeeeeee!". I must feed my stomaachh. I must ooobbbeeyy my stomach. I must… I must give it what I want, cause it wants to be fed. It's saying to mee, "feeeeddd meee, you donn't wannt me to diee do youu?" So I fed my tummy, and not it's haaapppyyy.

Man, Where am I?[edit]

What am I doing naked, and who's this girl next to me... Is she dead? OMG she is so freaking dead! What did I do? Also what's this neadle next to me... Hmmm "Heroin". So that means I must of been high. I wonder how high I might of been, I'm still shaking and everything is soo cold all of a sudden. What did I do to my life? Why did I have to ruin it? What made me do drugs in the first place? I don't know whether it was my hot wife who divorced me in the middle of our honeymoon. Or whether it was my desire to escape from reality through the usage of drugs. Whatever I did. I feel horrable for doing it. I truely do... Yet I want more of the drugs, where's the dough-man when you need it. I need my fix. Oh God, Where the hell is the heorin guy!!!!!, *sigh* I seriously need my fix right now.