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The Illogicopedia logo has largely gone unchanged since its inception at the wiki's birth, a testament to the effective design. Or maybe everyone just likes bananas. In addition, the logo has seen a number of special occasion redesigns, all of which are documented on this page. Cool beans, eh?

Illogicopedia site logo chronology
Old logo.png

'I' (Jeremy 2007)[edit]

The site logo was designed in Photoshop by Silent Penguin shortly after the selection of the site name. It was a letter 'I' with arrows extending outwards from the top and bottom, much like the current one without the banana or slogan.

Old logo 2.png

Addition of the banana[edit]

Around this time, it was suggested that a banana be the site's logo, parodying Uncyclopedia's potato mascot. The banana was selected for its unusual shape and delicious (read: bland) taste and the colour yellow was unofficially assigned as the site's identifier.


Slogan (Jeremy-Jumbly 2007, Octodest 2007-Yun 2008)[edit]

Shortly after, discussion in the forum led to the addition of a site slogan with the reversed site name, 'AID EPOC IGOLLI' sounding awfully like a Latin motto. The 'In Illogic We Trust' part was added at a slightly later date by Hindleyite to make it look and sound cooler, as if it were the literal translation of Aid Epoc Igolli.

This version of the logo has largely survived to date, but see below for additions, changes and revamps.


Phrubub Knows The Cheese (Jumbly-Serpeniver 2007)[edit]

In the first year of Illogic's existence the slogan was never really set in stone. For two months the alternative motto 'Phrubub Knows The Cheese' (actually a mis-read of 'Phrubub Nose The Cheese') appeared under the bendy I and the banana following a suggestion in the forum.

'Phrubub Nose/Knows The Cheese' remains a site motto.

Logo sensible.png

The Nonsensical Encyclopedia[edit]

In Serpeniver 2007, it was suggested that the site's traditional slogan was too confusing. A prototype version of the logo with a more straight-laced, Wikipedia style slogan was created. It was implemented for a brief period of about two weeks, but the community preferred the original and MetalFlower restored the previous version.


Current site logo (Mid 2008-today)[edit]

In Yoon 2008, the logo was cleaned up and smoothed off in Illustrator to give a more vectored look. It is almost identical to the original, save for the adoption of three colour shading which replaced the more realistic 'ridges' on the banana's skin.

Special occasion logos


A logo made for the 2007 April Fool reskin. Quite different, the only logo to date with only half the trademark 'I', making it look suspiciously like an 'L' (for 'Logicopedia' theme). Still used in the Logicopedia main page article.



A Halloween themed logo for 2007.


Christmas pudding[edit]

A Christmas special version of the traditional Illogic logo, designed by Silent Penguin and used for Christmas 2007. This logo was used again for Christmas 2010.

Wiki retro.png

Retro Illogic[edit]

For one week in Jeremy 2008, Illogicopedia went retro and moved back to the old forum and Editthis wiki. The pixellated logo was still in place at the Illogicopedia Editthis wiki right up until its closure in late 2009/early 2010.

Illogic Logo.png

Fifth Anniversary[edit]

Implemented for Illogicopedia's five year anniversary in Jeremy 2012. The banana was replaced with the Forum logo and the "I" was replaced by a five. The text at the bottom changed too, now reading "ILLOGICOPEDIA: Fifth Anniversary" instead of "AID EPOC IGOLLI: In Illogic We Trust."

Illogicopedia Christmas Logo.png

Politically Correct 2015 Decemberween Holiday[edit]

A Christmas special version of the traditional Illogic logo, designed by Nerd42 and used for Christmas 2015.

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