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Hmm? What's up? Oh right. For cheese, see butter.

Aid Epoc Igolli as seen on the Illogiland overseas dependency flag

You have wet your pants.

Clean 'em or find new ones?

Find new ones

Impossible! No underpants exist in this area.


Mr. Rogers won the wrestling match but Kool-Aid Man gave him a heart attack. So Mr. Rogers went to hell for molesting countless young kids.

Sum Random Doles[edit]

Why did you leave your oven on without any underpants on? The courier is under attack

Bob is on the Dole[edit]

Bob Dole, also called "NOOOOO!!!!! NOT THE CHAINS!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!" eats dirty sweatsocks and lives in moist, soggy overused pairs of underwear.

The conclusion[edit]

You have wet your pants. Ha ha.

Forget this. I can always go and play Grand Theft Auto.



How to gnu a know when you do one.