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This award is for the best turnips on the site monthly. To vote for a turnip, edit this page. You should follow all voting guidelines. For past winners of this award, see the archive. Please note: turnips only can be voted. Thanks.

There is voting currently taking place below this template, So here are the voting basics:
  • Users are permitted one vote each.
  • Please clearly state whether your addition is a for, an against or a comment.
  • Remember to sign and to update the vote count.
  • Nominations count as a vote for unless specified as "Neutral" or "Against".
  • Take care not to overdo self-nomination.
  • If you wish to change your vote, then cross out the previous using the <s> tags.
  • Frog-infested pineapples are not allowed in the voting area until they have been de-frogged.
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Nominations for Aym[edit]

Black Five-Foot Turnip[edit]

Score: 1-0 (1)

Foot Turnip Gazebo[edit]

Score: 1-0 (1)

Double Turnip[edit]

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 03:39, 27 Novelniver 2015 (UTC)

Donald Turnip[edit]

Score: 0-2 (-2) with bribery to find its way into Novelniver's prize