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Wackypedia is the Miraheze incarnation of Illogicopedia. Initially hosted by Wikia, it was renamed in November 2008 after the ?pedia community moved to new servers. For this reason, it serves as an archive of all Illogicopedia edits up to and including that date.

When Illogicopedia decided to leave Wikia, a deal was struck whereby the old wiki would be renamed to avoid confusion between the two wikis. However, the old site would remain open for editing should anyone wish to take control at any time. Unfortunately, the only users of Wackypedia are the odd passing troll and surfers searching for the actual Illogicopedia.

And then when Wikia (now renamed "Fandom") finally decided to close Wackypedia, Cg098 moved it to Miraheze. It seems that the dump he used was incomplete, and it is unknown how much content was lost. Such is the fate of the wack.

This fate of oblivion was not to last, for Flyingcat had created an archive of Wackypedia using a grabber and set up a mirror site on her own server and this is now The True Wackypedia™.

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