Island of Blee

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Blee Republicas

File:Bleeflag.jpg Coat.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Bleee!"
Anthem: "God Save The Bloody Blee" - Bo Selecta Remix
Capital Kelsmick
Largest city Kelsmick
Official languages Blee, (Isn't that getting tiresome) English
Government N/A
Prime Minister {{{prime_minister}}}
National Hero(es) Genola
Currency Tin Foil
Religion Blee, Genola Tribe
Population 1 (The founder)
Area Here
Population density 0.01 per sq mile
Ethnic groups Dark Genome Appreciation
Major exports Honda Civics, yum yum
Major imports Rubicon Mango, Galaxy cake bars
National animal Lolcatius Anonimus
Favourite pastime Facebook Texas Holdem Poker, PES
Opening hours Half past mahguarter
Internet tld Router from next door
Calling code N/A

The Island of Blee is a small island that nobody knows the destination of. It is speculated to be off the coast of Illogicoland. Others claim that it is located in a crater on the dark side of the moon, hence why it cannot be seen from Earth. Ever. Actually it's just my bedroom. But still the same thing technically.... not many people know why! Hah har!

The name of the island came across when Darkgenome made an article on here called Blee and thought it would be a real spiffing idea if he made it a country too. The population stands at a feeble one in total, the founder.

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