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Kitsunes are Japanese gamer foxes that could transform into aishas or acaras (or at least nimravids), if they really wanted to, but they also have the power of chessecakes and they hate 4chan because of its randomness and lulz. Many are part of the killer whale Yakuza gang of Super Japan, but there are also friendly kitsunes in the world. Naruto is not a kitsune.

The early kitsune[edit | edit source]

Kitsunes were invented by Oprah around 9000 years ago in Asia. The early kitsunes fought against Jack Thompson's army of video game-hating lawyers. The kitsunes later invented Perfect World, a Chinese MMORPG about Kung Fu and possibly Jackie Chan.

The kitsune's abilities[edit | edit source]

  • They can transform into foxes, gryphons, and killer whales
  • They can throw cheesecakes at their enemies
  • They can fly
  • They can shoop da whoop

Famous kitsunes[edit | edit source]

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