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Yep. Ah mink. Dr. Ah Mink has proven the research of relations.

Additional Material[edit]

"What's it doing there?"

Well, that's just a pic of a dead, stuffed mink. No laughs or illogic there. Now, if the mink were alive and rampaging, maiming and slaughtering hippos in a river, that would be illogical and only a tiny bit funny, if funny at all. Or, a minkdroid on a mission to assassinate all elected Republicans in Rhode Island... maybe a little funny. Or an ocean liner made of mink corpses transporting counterfeit antiaircraft missiles to Somalia, manned by an extended family of Chinese-Finnish mafiosi. Or a short order cook mink, working in a Soho deli making sandwiches to order, subletting a 6th floor walkup from a candy entrepreneur, spending a week each year in Phuket, Thailand, bar crawling in the trans red light district and randomly insulting people driving mopeds. See? Think of a noun, think of some stuff that might have something to do with it, think of some other stuff that has little or nothing to do with it, write it down, and wait. Ah, the waiting. It's tedious and less fun than getting tased, bro. Wait! The Latin... mustela lutreola... to my French-as-a-first-language, English-as a-second-language mind[1], it sounds somewhat hilarious. I believe it's possible to create something based on that with a tiny bit of effort. Anyway, did I tell you I like you? Well, I don't really know you, but based on our limited communications, I find you amusing, helpful, friendly, odd, and literate. Mustela sounds like an Italian wine to me, and lutreola could be like, a freaking, tumescent abnormality where you have aureolas forming on your forehead, ankles and the bottoms of your feet.

  1. Here's a sad fact: I first was taught French (Lowell, MA by way of Canada dialect) as a baby, with little bits of English thrown in and gradually overwhelming all of my speech by the time I was 5. When and where I was growing up, the culture was insular and American. My parents pretty much suppressed our Frenchness so we'd fit into suburban Boston society. So even though it was my first language, and sometimes I can tell my thinking is colored by that fact, I can't speak much or write at all.

2 Material: Hippos of the Mink[edit]

A mink. A living mink. A living stuffed mink just pooched you. Pooch? Perched? A mink perched atop the guards of the outdoor shower along the banks of the Mcfields-de-Kinglerton River. It was alive. The rampage begins at 12 o'clock, first target? The Manabel Township in Guards City, the Grey State, Valcom, Brazilian Connect. At the 262nd hour a moped arrived, and killed the mink by the time it killed seven hippos upon the river.

3 Material: Mink Liner[edit]

The Ocean Liner, 'Mustela Freeland FCC of the Wiki' was sailing from Port Howable to Wolfsea Bennetton's Highland Shore in a record time of 72.7 hours, 32 parsnips, or other materialist quite-gowns. It was made out of 200,000,000 mink corpses, till Somalia, they would rest forever upon the 16th floor of Mogadishu's Felt Ferret Building. Finnish people saw that, and it was boring and stupid.

4.05 Material: Sandwich Mink[edit]

A New York Deli Mink, the best mink around, working at Creeman's Free Bostonian Northside Connection Deli, making sandwiches and coffee to order, for cheap! The mink went to a bar, and then to Thailand, in the span of 21.16 hours. 9'Pa5yq. Except uncorrectionable capitalisations.

5 Material: Jesus Mink[edit]

You know, on page 1357, it says 'Jebus'. It's supposed to say 'Jesus', right?