Monsters that live under your bed

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Decapitated head of a monster retrieved from the under the bed in a burned down house.

Contrary to what your mother says, there are monsters that live under your bed. Sometimes they try to eat you, sometimes they try to claw and maul your face to paper shreds and alas, sometimes they do other stuff - like pee. Well, you didn't think they use the toilet, did you?

But what monsters do live under your bed?

Monsters that live under your bed[edit]

Rare photo of a Spledgulogger, a particularly scary monster known to reside in bedrooms.
He's come....for your BLOODD!!!!
  • Pokemans. Keep your GameBoy Advance on a high shelf to ward off these strange creatures.
  • The evil one, not to be confused with the Evil Penguin who may also live under your bed if you are in the South Pole.
  • Banana monsters are attracted by banana peels in your bin.
  • Hobo. Don't leave cardboard boxes under your bed or you may find one of these.
  • Fiendish Fiends, including the Spledgeulogger, known to eat paper, schnap, and human bones.

There you have it[edit]

The monsters that live under your bed in all their existance.

Electric mice live under my bed? OH CRAP!”

~ You

“But they do, that's life. LIVE WITH IT!”

Oh wait, you already live with life. Darn it.

Wait, cats with Gameboy Advances live under my freaking bed?[edit]

Yes they do, but I'd be more scared of the bananas. And the hobo guy.

Bananas live under my bed! And some hobo guy?[edit]

Frankly, they all do. You know what, seriously:


Oh, watch out for the Speldgeulogger that lives under your bed[edit]


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