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AIYEEE! This is a children's show! But it is evil! And demented! DEMENTED I SAY!!! Or as Grandma would say!

Heh? Ah ha ha ha. Fiendish. No wait, that's not funny.

So blah, there you have it, it's a show about evil demons from the land of Chewbacca. OR blech, in that case. P was not born there, so dig up a c-ow, man.


The first episode with some guy named MacBook who incidentally thought up an imaginary fiend, a blue blob with a trident called Bloe. Then his fiend tried to kill him, and MacBook ran away until! He found a house-castle like thingymabobber. He ran inside and all the fiends ate his soul and devoured him and then...overkill.

Specific Fiends That Deserve Mentioning Because If I Don't Mention Them, They Might Eat Me[edit]

  • Bloe - a blue-like bloob.
  • Ed Weirdo - Some authistic demon that must killlllll! KILLL I SAY!
  • A tall guy - He is red, because he is covered in blood, hence he is a VAMPIRE!!!
  • Dude in pants - Oh wait, he's the pizza delivery boy.
  • TIM Fedllee- A humanish guy with eyes the size of basketballs to see further. and he has a red and green shirt. Also he has the ears of a baby elephant. Sometimes, he gets around on a spring like his older brother bob.


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