North Pole

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A communist in his natural habitat.

The North Pole is a communist organization located at the coldest parts on the globe, in China, run by Mr. Santalinius J. Claus. The North Pole produces some toys made with lead-based paints for kids put under a tree or shoe or something like that on Easter or some obscure holiday like that. Anyway, the North Pole sucks and there is nothing more you need to know about it.

Okay[edit | edit source]

You wanna know more? Mmmmkay. The North Pole made your childhood. If it weren't for the cheaply made toys they provide, you would have never had any toys under your Easter shoe. Or would you? Sorry for spoiling your sad, sad childhood.

Things you might see if you visit the North Pole[edit | edit source]

  • Santa Claus.
  • Flying raindeers.
  • A pole.