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Opera is an art form that nobody understands. It usually stars people who sing in affected and ear-piercingly high voices. National anthems sung this way at hockey and football games by opera singers are particularly annoying.

Typically, opera lyrics are not sung in Swahili. This causes mass confusion among audiences, who are used to watching plays that they can understand, and has started many riots due to the omission of a universally known language. To this, Oscar Wilde said, "Go f*** yourself."

Eventually, people got confused again, this time because of the similarities between "Opera" and "Oprah."

Confusion caused by Opera includes a tendency for the audience to get involved in the Opera shows, and super-annoyance among those in attendance. In a frightened state of New Jersey, dozens of air strikes were called in and Broadway, the home of opera, was promptly wiped off the map. Radiation from the attacks still causes mutations in New York, such as an unseparated bone going all the way through many New Yorkers' middle fingers. This confuses visitors who are used to this being a greeting.

Admittedly, the confusion caused by Opera has diminished somewhat, now that Oprah is a slim-bunny.

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