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Why it is, well, we have no idea. I think it's because it has that cool little star. But maybe not. All I know is that somebody told me it was important, and they also told me this article had a star.

Orange pants are a vital part of our society. Many people would not be where they are now if it weren't for these brighty coloured pants. Seriously. Think about it.

Development[edit | edit source]

Orange pants are very important things. You may not know it, but many pairs of orange pants are part of America's government system. Surprised? You should be, because that last sentence was a lie.

Oh, whoops, this section is about development. Well, hm, let's just say you probably wouldn't know what I am talking about if I told you. That's theend of it. But I say it anyway, just for the fun of it all. Somebody, I don't know who, it was like Felix or something, had the idea to make pants.... that were orange! He must have been really fucked up in the head, because that is one of the most stupid ideas of all time. I think it was eight on the list. So,

This is not the man or his pants.

this Felix or Frank or something that starts with a "S" I think made some pants, and dumped a pile of orange stuff on it and called it orange pants. I don't know where the hell he got the name from, probably just got a list of pages from clicking random page on Wikipedia and put them in hat. I mean, where the fuck do you come up with a name so unrelated to the actual thing? Like I said, he must have been really fucked up in the head. So then he made a couple more, but then this fucktard finally got another idea.

I got another idea!

—Felix or somone

His idea was to-- wait a fucking second. We can quote this asshole, but we can't get his name? Who is in charge here? They should get fired. Immediately. Anyway, as I was saying, this guy's other idea, I think his name was Felix or something, was to make the pants out of something orange rather than making pants and dumping peices of orange paper on them. I mean, this guy is as smart as a fucking walrus. It's about time he came up with something that was easier. How stupid can people get?

Then he made these "Green Pants 2.Oh". I don't know why the fuck he called them green, but he did, and that's all that we care about here. Cold, hard, fact. Definitely not soft fact, because that's the sort of stuff people like. So then he was happy, and then he went on to make the blueprints for the latest model of the NASA Space Shuttle. How fucked up is that?

Development[edit | edit source]

This section is on sales, I don't give a damn what the hell the header says. You know what? Fuck those headers, they're useless and deserve to die and burn in hell. ALL OF 'EM. So from now on I want put anymore headers. So, as I was saying, they were obviously some sales for these weird pants, otherwise I wouldn't have

Holy shit, that's a lot of blue balls. Wiat, this has nothing to do with orange pants!

a section about "Sales". I mean, come on, what the hell is the problem with this article? So, this guy, who was Frank or Fillip or Fuckhead or something that starts with a "H". You know, this guy was a real retard, so he couldn't manage to sell the pants by himself. So finally he asked his sane wife, and she put them on eBay, and they sold a few for like twenty bucks or something. Then this guy they sold them to said something like how cool they were and bought more to sell.

These Orange Pants are so cool! I should buy more to sell!

—The man who bought them

Ok, what the hell is up with these quotes? I'm trying to write a fucking article about all this weird crap about some pants, and then people just come in here and say stuff. Well, frankly, Fuck you, people. That what I think. The next quote thingy person talker is gonna get fucked up. HARD.

I wanna get fucked up!

—The next quoter person

Ok, Maybe I lied. So go fuck off or something, I'm sick of this. Now back to the sales. This guy bought more, and then he sold them to people like MC Hammer. He is the only famous person you see wearing Orange Pants. In fact, he is the only person on the planet who wears them. Ok, well, me too, but still. Mostly him. Because he's a fuckin crack head. Will somebody get me a beer?

Development[edit | edit source]

Ok, I don't know why the fuck there is another header. I already vowed not to have it, but here it is. Motherfuck. How is this going to work? Well, this is about the importance of Orange Pants, despite what the header say. So take that, you stupid header! Ha! So, these pants were like important or some shit. Oh, ya, one of the pairs became a janitor at a local elemtary school. He got fired, though, mainly because he was a lazy fuck and all he did was sit around do nothing. I mean, what kind of idiot is that?

Another pair of these pants were important because they were the first pair of Orange pants to be worn o an airplane that was making its thirteenth flight from Dallas to Miami ever. Yes, those are some pretty fucked up statistics, but we had to make that shit pair of pants sound important, right? And as for the other ones, they uh, ran off into a corner and smoked pot or something. I don't really know, all my sources tell me obscure things thatmake no sense. Fuck.

So uh, the whole point is: They had some sort of importance, but it was unimportant so nobody really knows.

This guy has orange pants.

Development[edit | edit source]

Ok, if there is another header about fucking "Development", I'm going to quit. That means you readers are going to miss out on a lot of interesting stuff, so it better not fucking happen. I know you losers can control that, because you can edit this shit. So. This section is really about the safety of these pants, and pretty much pants in general. You see, if it were up to me this section wouldn't be here, but no, my fucked up boss said it had to or his wife would divorce him. So, big deal, right? Then he threatened to tell the cops about all my arson charges. Not good. So, here is my brief section.

Safe pants:

  • Orange pants
  • Under pants
  • Jeans
  • Genes
  • Old pants

Unsafe pants:

Happy now, boss? Go fuck off or something.

Development[edit | edit source]