Owl Pellets

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Dead monkey reserves are dangerously low when flashing.

This is where stem cell research is taking us!

Greg has five grain elevators packed with owl pellets. He thinks some guy in Myanmar wants to buy them, but we suspect that's because he's been huffing oven cleaner again. [1] Owl Pellets is a prophetic novella in the tradition of those things for Muster Mark [2]. Set in the near-future, the ontagonist [3] presents a case for both amorphous precision in calumny and budget cuts for the military. Named, "Geraldo", but always referred to as "Sissy Boy Jurgen" throughout the Avian Disgust trilogy, the ontagonist here is nothing if not anything.

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  1. DO NOT EAT, put into mouth or cantilever more than 18 inches.
  2. A James Joyce reference always reflects well on the author. The third definition of the word "quark" is "a ring-tailed throbby ponce" in Websters.
  3. Neither protagonist nor antagonist, an ontagonist simply exists. Any statement about the ontagonist can be directed to a clearinghouse for cheap lawyers in Milwaukee.