Rant on ice cream

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You know what, ah? Ice cream so cold, so I rant on it, lah!

The Rant[edit | edit source]

Ice cream, you know ah, SOOOOO COLD! It hurts my eyes, so cold, I think I got brain freeeeeeeeeeeeeze every time I eat the stupid thing. I'm telling you it's so freaking cold, man! So freaking COOOOOLD!!!

And when I eat, I go numb, GO NUMB!!! Cannot move, ah. I think I might die every time I eat ice cream, it's so icy and cold!!! And it give me brain frezzzzzzzzzeeeeeeee!!! Ice-cream don't even taste good, taste like someone freeze water and mix it with cream, man!

YOU KNOW WHAT FACIAL CREAM TASTE LIKE, AH? TRY IT! It tastes like crap stuff that taste like CRRRRAP!!

And besides, ah. I'm ALLLLLERRRRGIIIICC TO IT!!!!

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