Ice cream layer of space

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The Ice cream layer of space is the theological underpinning, no pun intended, to the radical sect of Pastafarians known as PASTA (Pastafarians are stars to be announced). For this splinter group the Ice cream layer adds a smooth cushiony layer to their view of the universe and the struggle between good and evil in a general sense. Without the invisible ice cream layer, the loss of a logical argument or the stealing of someone else's pasta, or arguably worse the theft of their Parmesan cheese, would cause the guilty party to curl up into a ball and fall forever through the cosmos under the weight of their own stupidity.

In layman's terms the universe would be unable to support them as they had violated it's fundamental rules. However the invisible Ice cream layer of space acts as a cushion and a somewhat tasty one too, so that when these laws are violated the cosmic n00b waves that are generated are absorbed by the layer and transmitted as a n00b being killed on either CS, Halo online, Call of Duty 1 or 2. The pitiful wails of the fallen serve to season the ice cream which is fed into the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pasta be upon him) as a delectable treat that makes up for the rules of his universe being violated and restrains him from pwning us all in righteous anger. Why his pastiness should be appeased by n00b flavoured ice cream is a matter for debate?

It has been argued that as a purely good entity he should revile the fear and inferiority that forms the building blocks of the average n00b. This is supported by a recent study conducted in Alabama USA, when the first united church of the flying spaghetti monster herded a test group of n00bs into a giant wicker man like structure then sacrificed them to the flying spaghetti monster.

It is believed the monster was first filled with the holy grail of n00bs everywhere, notably a keyboard with the caps lock permanently superglued down, this along with the use of girls as wardens, whose magnetic field has been proven to physically repel all varieties of noobs, see Kielgman's 'the n00b within' for more details on girl/n00b particle dynamics, once the n00bs had been herded into the 'kill zone' they were effectively trapped forcing them down a narrow corridor to the sacred wicker man. Once the sacrifice was completed it was anticipated those responsible would experience the legendary delight of being touched by his (the Flying Spaghetti Monster's) noodly appendage however they were left standing around feeling rather foolish while the sloth's, a natural ally of the n00b as they both serve little discernible purpose and maintain a mildly aggrieved attitude towards nature for spawning them in the first place, attempted a daring rescue. Driving back the sloths wasn't very difficult, after all a sloth is hardly a formidable opponent, however it left the faithful feeling a little let down.

Of course you might ask what the law had to say about all this, inexplicably very little but they were n00bs after all. The conclusion drawn from the fiasco is that the FSM is unmoved by n00b sacrifcies seriously undermining PASTA'S case. PASTA hit back by accusing the perpetrators of the wicker man incident of being n00bs themselves, this led to a serious internal investigation dubbed by some as a 'witch hunt'. In publishing it's final report the inquiry reported there was some evidence of 'n00bishness at the highest level of the organisation' leading to widespread burnings across the southern states.