Ice Cream Sandwhich

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Why are you such a gigantic pervert?

It is common belief that ice cream sandwhiches are made from ice cream sandwhiched between two chocolate wafers, however startling research by Gothzilla yeilded that "Ice cream sandwhiches are actually made from compressed cow patties and frozen bull semen."

This makes anyone who eats ice cream sandwhiches a zoophile.

Which leaves the question, why do we still eat them? It's because bull semen is delicious, and if you don't eat it Cradle of Filth will come to your house and shove Pokeballs down your throat, turning you into a Lucario. And Lucarios always get sexually abused to death by furries. Besides, bull semen is a cure for Lou Gerig's disease and Christianity. It's also good for your skin. It can also save you from the apocalypse by transporting you to another dimension, just in time to avoid death, and discover Flight 19 and the lost city of Atlantis.

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