Synchrological events in the night

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Righteous indignation

Before you start the car, makes sure the lemons are tart enough to back out before 7:00[edit]

Because hamburgers don't have the proper scales that most dinosaurs do, it can be very frustrating when they attempt to remove their underbellies. For this, a hamburger will never go to the beach. They feel that their true beauty is restricted by the big old buns they have hanging out all the time. Thought it could be said that a burger is a manly food, it is often referred to as one of the most girly acting foods around.

Just because a food can be extremely self conscious and insecure about his or her sexuality and appeal, doesn't mean that all food these days struggle with day to day life. Take, for example, the outgoing potato. Potatoes give fewer rats' asses than a man named carl that cant find his headset every Wednesday after work. You know, those days when you just wanna take a long ride down to Ohio to seek out the native flora and fauna. Or maybe even seek out a village elder and speak to him about his daughter's favorite melon at this time of year. Then I will ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, and he will accept. She will be resistant, but will soon fall victim to my charm. Before long, she will have learned to live as my faithful wife, until one day she forgets what she has become attached to, and gets excited with the medicine man's son. It isn't long until you realize just how hopeless this all is, and you decide to enter a deep deep depression in which you lock yourself in an airtight camper and sing yourself to sleep at night after reading a few foreign magazines. Let's rewind back a few years to see how you've gotten here.

It begins with some training[edit]

You're a boy with nothing but rags. Your parents have sent you to this school because you are royalty. You are to one day be a leader. So you take scrolls and quill pen to class and remember that you must be resigned to this life style of austerity. There is no other way to become the greatest general to have ever lived. Your country is at war, and it will remain that way for decades. No end is in sight, and it may be up to you, a child of 9, to grow up to be the man to bring justice to the lands. But isn't the easier path for a prince to go to a opulent school where the tutors bring you warm milk and teach you at a pace you find comforting. But that raises weaklings. Surely your parents can afford it; they are royalty. The question is which school produces the greater leader?

Your pens are out, your mind is ready to absorb the lesson in front of you. Your wasp of a tudor stares you down, anticipating some false move. She has a small plank in one hand which she swings threateningly. she walks up to the dusty board and places her chalk on the slate. Just then, the doors swing open like a saloon's.

"What's the problem?" Your wrinkly Tudor asks the intruders.
"That one. That one needs to come with us."
The men are pointing at you.

Where are you going?

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