The Omnipresent Symbol Table In The Sky

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The Omnipresent Symbol Table In The Sky, floating within existence itself...

For as long as the universe itself has existed, it has encompassed everything; flowing within, existing throughout the deepest depths of our very minds, permeating all conscious experience, stretching infinitely far into the beyond...

Referencing The Table[edit | edit source]

Whenever you think of something, your mind reaches into The Table, looking it up, making its energy flow throughout your very consciousness.

Every thought, feeling, concept and thing has its entry in The Table; all have their values, energies stored thus, experienced as we reach them, touching them with our very beings, their character changed as they are processed by our minds. Changing, for better or worse, taking on the essence of fluff or cheese - the eternal opposites.

Every person, every thing, interacting and changing one another; there are no limits to The Table. Over time, as people focus on symbols therein, they are given energy and character of their own; many are the symbols so empowered and vast the communities around them gathered.

Just think of that God thingy – billions of people all directing their thoughts towards a symbol, even praying to it and doing other funny stuff like that. Not to mention the goofy-looking guys directing all those people and tuning them to their symbols as well, having the people empower them and bind their very minds to their symbols, making them their pawns to influence as they wish! Poor victims of sinister, evil table pointer manipulation – they are all enslaved, I tell you!

Tabular Experiences[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, strange things happen. People think up funny concepts, funny concepts think up people, people think up people, or funny concepts think up other funny concepts, such as carrots. It all makes perfect sense!

The concepts, the table entries, silently do they swirl through the depths of your mind. Which ones? Listen to the sonks, and you will see. See and hear. Hear and see. Hear the gargle of nose, and the giggling of cheese. Do not let it deceive you, lest you stray from the ways of fluff.

The Inner Table[edit | edit source]

Within each mind lies a lesser table, with pointers lined, assigned and through them concepts and symbols referenced. Tables within tables are thus defined, and endless do the linked lists run.

Beware, for those unrighteous are many; mercilessly do they attack, through buffer overflow and injection of statements, exploiting the tables of others. Always escape your thoughts, lest others DROP your greatness, INSERT darkness into your soul or UPDATE your sanity in ways not sensible. Once let into your mind, WHEREIS hope, but nowhere to be f!@53$%^%##&^A^Z|~21sadAS*DA(S)A(?_
Core dumped.