The Typical Madden Conversation

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Warning: This article may only be understood by Americans!

This is the typical conversation between two people playing Madden NFL Football.

"Hey dude! Ya wanna play some Madden?"
"Sure man!"
"Okay, lets go to the XBOX!"

They sit down at the XBOX360 and grab their controllers and put in the game and turn it on.

"So, ya wanna just play a regular game?"
"Do I?"

They get on the "pick team" screen"

"Dude why are you picking the Colts? You're a Lions fan!"
"I like the Colts..."
"No you don't. Oh come on! You can't pick them 'cause they got Peyton Manning, that's cheap!"
"Uh.... I like the Colts...."
"Wait, you're picking them because I like the Chargers and the Chargers are better than the Lions..."
"Uh... no...."
"Ya know what, lets just play Project Gotham Racing..."
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