The Typical Redneck Conversation

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Cletus: "Hey Billie Joe."
BJ: "Hey Cletus."
Cletus: "Did you see the NASCAR race yesterday?"
BJ: "I sure did Cletus."
Cletus: "How are your kids?"
BJ: "Good, I just bought my three-year old his first gun."
Cletus: "Shucks ain't that a little late for your first gun?"
BJ: "Yeah, I gave my twelve year old his first gun at three months."
Cletus: "Well, your trailer's lookin' awfully nice."
BJ: "Yeah, how's your sister doin'?"
Cletus: "Good. She's a great wife."
BJ: "It must be great to marry your sister. Since I don't have a sister, I married my cousin."
Cletus: "Is that right?"
BJ: "It sure is."
Cletus: "How many kids you got now?"
BJ: "Uh... fifteen with number sixteen on the way."
Cletus: "That's great, I got eighteen."
BJ: "I thought you had seventeen."
Cletus: "Not since yesterday."
BJ: "Well, ya wanna have some beers while huntin'?"
Cletus: "Yeah, that's sounds good."
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