The Typical Phone Conversation

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A typical phone conversation between friends.

Friend1: "Hello"
Friend2: "Hello"
Friend1: "Who's this"
Friend2: "Johnny"
Friend1: "Oh hi Johnny"
Friend2: "Whatcha doin'?"
Friend1: "Talkin' to you. What about you?"
Friend2: "Nothin'"
Friend1: "Okay."
Friend2: "Bye"

A typical phone conversation between one and his mother.

John: "Hi mom..."
His mom: "Hello Johnny"
John: "What do you want?"
His mom: "Don't use that tone of voice!"
John: "Sorry..."
His mom: "What do you want from the grocery store?"
John: "Uh... A case of Coke and Dr. Pepper."
His mom: "How much milk do we have left?"
John: "I don't know..."
His mom: "Well, go check!"
John: "Okay, okay..."
His mom: "How much?"
John: "Uh... A gallon."
His mom: "Okay, I'll pick up another."
John: "Bye."
His mom: "Love you."
John: "Ugh... Love you too, goodbye!"

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