The Typical Waiting on a Line at the Bank Conversation

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Person 1 starts a conversation with Person 2, who is in front of Person 1 on the line.

Person 1: Long line, eh?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: Oh where did you get that cup of coffee, I haven't seen a coffee shop around here?
Person 2: Ummm.. There's a Starbucks down the Road.
Person 1: Really? Is it new?
Person 2: No man, that's been there for years.
Person 1: Really? I've never seen it. I probably whizz right by it on my way to work.
Person 2: Yea... I've been getting coffee from that Starbucks for years.
Person 1: Is it any good?
Person 2: The espressos aren't bad.
Person 1: Yeah my friend said that Starbucks had good expresses.
Person 2: Yep.
Person 1: After I bank this check I'm grabbin' an espresso.
Person 2: Yeah, they're good.
Person 1: Man, how bout this line, eh?
Person 2: Yeah, I usually never get stuck in lines when I come here normally.
Person 1: I know same with me, same with me.
Person 2: Were gettin' closer.
Person 1: A couple more people.
Person 2: OK, I'm up.

Person 2 cashes his check

Person 2: Alright you have a good one, and a good espresso.
Person 1: OK, thanks man.
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