The Typical Gangsta Conversation

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Gangsta1: "Yo dawg."
Gangsta2: "Wassup my homie G?"
Gangsta1: "Nuttin', boy. What about 'chu?"
Gangsta2: "S'all good."
Gangsta1: "Man, there was dis white boy, tryna act gangsta n s*** so I popped a cap in his a**."
Gangsta2: "'Dat's how we do it, boy!"
Gangsta1: "Well, dawg, got my weed?
Gangsta2: "Uh... No..."
Gangsta1: "No? You f***in b****!
Gangsta2: "I'm sorry. Yo, my baby mama found it and she threw it away."
Gangsta1: "Why?"
Gangsta2: "She be like, 'I don't want no pot around my baby; no sir.'"
Gangsta1: "Die foo'!"

Gangsta1 shoots Gangsta2 in the chest and he dies...

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