The World Is Going To End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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~ on the end of the world

“Welcome my pretty ones.”

~ Satan on life
How can the existence be in a state of preservation? Somehow, the time will come to be gone.

It will happen. It is coming. Many a man will hide from his fate, but will you run from the end?

The light is how it happens. Light and heat upon heat and energy, making us become but particles in a vortex of nothingness. Booms and big bang. Much brightness! The end is not a mammalian creature, or an amphibious organism. It is time and explosions of muddled crying and sadness.

Those who question their fate question the work of the universe. I think I see your mind, and I know that you wish to live. And living is but an illusion of the senses, and a corruption of your bedside warbling.

The World Will End, And Thus Is the Way of Things

In this very year will it happen. I have explained how, but not why. The end takes from you your precious things. And it makes you wonder how you will go on. But soon there will be no chance to turn back.

Religion, and the greedy passions of the human mind cannot be introduced to this vile brew. Because the brew is of the best of our illusions, and the gritty truth hidden by misguided faith in the unknown. I may seem to preach, yet to preach may only be to speak in tounges.

The end of the world in relation to you

Hey. Just give me a chance here, and listen for a bit. I know you don't want the world to end, but it truly must. No, stop. Just listen...calm down...listen. Did you really think you'd still be here in 2013? Did you? I mean, I don't think it's a stretch to say that none of us are anything special.

We're just humans.

And pretty soon, it'll all be over. The universe is pretty good about stuff like that. So calm down. A bright flash, and it'll all be over. Maybe not painless, I can't guarantee that. But hey, guess what? I have a nice little ice cream cone here. You can have it and maybe even eat it when the end comes. Hotcha, hotcha, sham-wow!

Don't cry. You're making me look bad. Aww gee.... You know, I hope I can spread the word to more people. Do you got a transistor radio? I can purchase it for abiding neither Hirofumi choroid. But I guess you knew that, didn't ya, hat? Heir Leland Jekyll! That is what the football chant will be after the world ends. I used to think it would be like this: iron Jordan irked kappa Heidi's Heidi iDisks AAAAAAAAAA! But I was wrong. I think the server was fucking hacked by an Uncyclopedia admin. And it may have been one you know. Judith Lakeland iDisk men's me s make Moslem Malaga. Msllsne make dm. God damn! Rick the price master is making me look like a fucking retard. Stop crying, for God's sake. SHIT! Left the kettle on the stove, and its burned to a crisp now. Shit. Undid ironed iDisks a. Isodne some d iWork. Islam a kekdbd Lon. Don't you think I'm crazy?

stop crying.

I Hate My Parents

I do. I really do. Ever since my mommy yelled at me. I hope they learn their lesson WHEN THE PLANET IS OBLITERATED. I hope they remember all the times they were mean and nasty to me. I hope they cry. I hope the tears roll down from their eyes.

Do you find me immature? I don't care. I don't care, because the world will end. It is the end. The end. Or maybe the end? GO AWAY.

Don;t even care. Don't even care about my misuse of a semicolon. I hate semicolons. DIE SMEICOLOLONS! Semicolons. Damn computer. AYDUWTEDIWEC@&(H@.

And smash smash Bucki fuck dingdong little shit they stopped selling Twinkies so I'm going to go kill a person in the butt hole but look at me now look at me stand here with my ass in the air like a bird and a whale. Yeah you fucking whale

Consider this

A young man long ago in search of a good life set out down the dirt path. His home lay behind him, his future ahead. Soon coming upon a mill, he lay to rest and was met with a dream of a field of grass and the moocows that stared at him lazily. Then came a strong wind, with a great roar that moved the ground. The man knew himself to dream, but could not shake away the roaring wind. His body was lifted and carried on the wind.

He awoke to find himself alone, under the stars, yet in a desert he had never known. He had traveled through the dream, yet also through his mind. The dream and the mind were one. He saw what was not, and began to move, searching for water. He fell into the stream that ran by the mill, yet felt only desert sand. He was carried down through the rocks, yet felt only the fine grains rush around him. This was his fate, and he was carried away by the stream and the sand, to his death. Later, he was discovered by a couple downstream. They stared in horror at the sight; a man washed downstream on a beautiful summer's day, in the heart of lush farmland, yet the fine sand that is only of the distant desert clothed his frame.

Such is a thought that often cannot be felt until years into the future. And now how may this knowledge be achieved?

end of the world (input from an internet user)

world won't end man thats not podssible. see, the planet is too strong to be just gone like that you gootta have a lotsa weps and stuff like nuklar weps and only if ur an alieen you'd do that. plus we have stuf of our own to keep pepl from kiling us and so nobody could kil us. also do u mean that the whiole earth and pkanet would be killt or would the universe be gone too. cause the uiverse is prety bigg and i dont think it could be gone.

so i dont thik the world will end, its just too dumb, and ur dumb if u think it will.

The Rainbow of Time

Look and watch as something grand begins to grow.

Do you think that, being a rainbow, time is the guiding light? I implore you to reconsider, and open the doors to true awareness. Just look here:

I know you doubt these powers. But doubting is the road to true madness. Look here. Do you see a way to happiness? The rainbow of time overshadows all it sees, yet cannot be truly looked upon. It is also hidden by the overshadowance of the awe-inspiring great ones, who lived so very long ago.

Do you need to be reminded of universal power? Simply re-read the rules from above.

The Travesty of Mankind

We are a perfectly planned and hopelessly doomed race. I see into our collective eyes, and see only dullness, an inept nothingness. If the IP address is a way to mask the emotion of Internet reading, then can we all simply be reflections of larger templates and grueling, trashed and watered down images? Do I ask too much to know the answers to these questions? Are they in fact too beyond the confinements of the universe and so above the rainbow that they cannot be touched?

Look to the sun!

The Keyboard

I think the fdlvasmunvpe7hpqw43ghpq will end, because it is a mpcx74g5pq4579cpqacn.

But if the o847xcmgnpq3ahg7ncxp is truly to be eri 7uerei97rie, then why am I so hopeful??

Here Is The Greatest Man: TRO

HEy, before I go I want to let you know that I really just don't. I mean, I don't cause I won't and maybe your home is a stone like a great weight thrown to a doggy bone. I knowed the throwed stone, but I liked the old groan of a fat and sad man, of a ratty cab stand. I rhyme and rhyme, just not in time, and I change a while until the cries of the wild are fully broke. And I stoke the flame, fry the brain, and coax the great. He stands to wait, a stunning fate, and you might be irate to hear the state of the union, convoluded and old.

Gold, my soul ,and truly a fold in the space of time, a broken rhyme. Paul Simon. The time, and the why and fly. Why to fly? I need to cry. I feel the sky.

THE WORLD SHALL END ON DECEMBER 21, 2012, but I guess I can't say that, because dates are not in the public domain. Please refrain from these games; here's the trade: THE WORLD WILL END PRETTY SOON.

Is this a fly? Goodbye.

One last thing

Do you remember when the movie Finding Nemo was released? The end of the world will be a little like the release of that movie: wet, stingy, and slowly decaying. Then the flame will eventually arrive, but that is a different story.


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