Weak sauce

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Sean Hannity is most comfortable when surrounded by like-minded patriots.

Weak sauce is an extremely watery mix lacking intensity and substance. It was invented in Denmark by anti-Muslim extreme journalists for Sean Hannity as a condiment to use in spicing up his radio shows. Weak sauce is often served on white bread, toasted and untoasted, English muffins, in milk and mixed in Conservative omelets.

Created and packaged in a secret Croatian monastery by blind Sufis whistling Dixie, shipped in containers marked "Biting Pillows" through Canada and smuggled into Idaho by Libertarian drug mules dressed like Sarah Palin or Rupert Murdoch, weak sauce makes its way into the breakfasts of millions of bat shit crazies every morning as dawn greets the USA.

FOX News is currently in negotiations to manufacture weak sauce with German fake medicine company ZickescheißeHomöopathiekurenfarben GmbH

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