Why? Eat Sand

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Why? Eat Sand[edit]

On any given day, millions of perfectly reasonable individuals stare down at their delicious gruel and think "Why not eat something else? Your reasons may be that you're an adventurous eater, want to expand your horizons, or you feel the need to question the way things are. These are all perfectly rational thoughts, so this concise, straightforward page is here to help you make a informed intelligent decision. Jesus also once said that sand was holy so it is of %100 haram for muslims.

Sand is delicious[edit]

That is a well known FACT! DO NOT QUESTION IT!

So you decided to question it, eh?[edit]

Wise choice. I've alerted the proper authorities who will arrive shortly. You will be sorry...

So you died. Now what?[edit]

There are MANY ways to continue all the productive lifestyle, such as feeding the hungry, getting a date, and visiting your wife to say "Hi!"

Or you could start fresh and unlive your dreams. This is not recommended, as you have obviously lived a meaningful life full of close friends and had a perfect family. However, there are a few helpful tips as to where you should start:

Step 1: Die[edit]

You've already done this, genius.

Step 2: Read a highly informative, unbiased article on a reputable website[edit]

Or hit yourself over the head with a rock. You'll get the same effect.

Step 3: OBEY[edit]

It is at this point you have undoubtedly absorbed the many great ideas contained within. It is time to act on them as recklessly as possible.

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